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Our Coffee, Your Success

Boutiques, Cafés, Gift Shops, and more

There are a lot of reasons why we choose to partner with locally-owned small businesses to deliver our products to customers. For many small towns in the Midwest, the boutiques and shops are the center of commerce. You, as a retailer, understand your customers better than the big chains. We want to help drive foot traffic to you, because we know you'll provide a great customer experience, and set the stage for a great cup of coffee!

Partnering with us means that we will be advertising for new customers to come to you for a staple luxury food item. Weekly or bi-weekly returning foot traffic offers you a chance to move more stock and show people what you have to offer. In many cases, you will be the exclusive provider of craft, quality coffee in your city. You also have the opportunity to sell coffee-related merchandise, such as mugs, French presses, moka pots, grinders, and more.

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How does stocking our coffee impact your business? See what our retail partner Vickie has to say-

"By carrying the Coffeyville Coffee, we have had an overall increase in our gift shop sales. We place a restock order 1-2 times a week to keep up with the demand."

What we offer

Special Wholesale Pricing. The best prices you'll get anywhere on small-batch roasted coffee. 

Partners in Advertising. We want to help get customers in your door to buy our coffee. We will use every means available to let people know where they can find the best coffee in town (and beyond).

We are here for you. We know about being a small business. We are here so that our coffee can be a part of your success. Whether you are a café looking to provide the best possible cup of coffee to your customers, a flower shop offering the best gift baskets in town, or an ice cream shop adding sales to their off-peak months, we are here to assist you in your goals.

New Coffee Shops & Cafés

Are you starting a new coffee shop and want the best coffee around? Our first partnered coffee shop opened in Coffeyville, KS, serving our espresso blend. Here's what shop owners Brooke & Ricky have to say:

"Coffeyville Coffee has been a dream coffee supplier for our coffee shop. They help us dial in the espresso, train our baristas, and help us perfect the drinks. Their espresso is smooth, delivery is fast, and customer service is an absolute delight. No one can compete! Since we are an ice cream shop, adding the coffee has helped us through the winter months"

We can help you meet your goals. Opening a new coffee shop is daunting, but we are here to help. We can recommend equipment, provide barista trainging, and offer you a variety of blends to choose from, for espresso, drip, pour-overs, cold brew and more. 

Private Label packaging, so you can stay on-brand. Do you want your own brand of coffee and unique blends to set your business apart from all the rest? We can help! We will roast your coffee and help you design packaging that suits your needs.

We can provide popular coffee recipes, dial in your espresso machine, and provide baristas with expert knowledge and training. Baristas who work with us will learn how to maintain the machines and tools in your shop, make great coffee, learn basic latte art, troubleshoot bad coffee and extraction issues, and much more.

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