VacOne™ Air Brewer

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VacOne uses air to brew coffee – a new and revolutionary technology which delivers smoother hot coffee, faster cold brew, and coffee concentrate for milk-based drinks. All in one compact device.
  • Patent-pending VacTec® air brewing technology.
  • Hot coffee and cold brew with same device.
  • Up to 14oz coffee serving size.
  • Make up to 100 cups on a single charge.
  • Recharge over USB in two hours.
  • Hand-made borosilicate glass carafe.
  • Re-usable metal mesh filter.
  • 4.7" W x 4.7" D x 7.8" H.


    How it works:

    Our brewing technology uses a vacuum to pull water through a bed of ground coffee, extracting more flavor in a shorter amount of time. VacTec® reduces bitterness and acidity in hot coffee and produces an intense and sweet glass of cold brew in record time.


    Box Contents:

    VacOne™ Coffee Air Brewer
    Hand-made Borosilicate Glass Carafe
    Reusable Metal Mesh Filter
    USB Charging Cable
    Coffee Measuring Spoon
    Silicone Coaster
    Stirring Stick
    Easy to clean:
    VacOne is fully waterproof. Just rinse under running water

    How to make hot coffee:

    • Use 4 scoops (~25g) finely ground coffee. Measuring spoon included in box.

    • Pour water at around 200º F to middle mark (340ml) inside VacOne.

    • After 30 seconds, stir and press button to brew.


    How to make cold brew:

    • Use 5 scoops (~32g) finely ground coffee.
    • Pour room temperature water to bottom mark (300ml) inside VacOne.
    • After 4 minutes, stir and press button to brew.

    Customer Reviews

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    Makes excellent coffee many ways!

    So, this great little invention makes creating a great cup of coffee (hot or cold) a breeze. There's nothing like it out there. I can also make cold brew and concentrated coffee (ok, espresso) too! No filters to fool with (like pour over and aeropress). No grounds get in my coffee (like French Press). If you have a scale, you can use it, but you don't absolutely have to have one. You will need a way to boil water though. I recommend it for anyone that likes quality coffee, like Coffeyville Coffee, and enjoy it different ways at different times of the day. This past summer, many hot afternoons, I would enjoy an iced coffee made with my VacOne. I love that you just push a button to extract the coffee! Truly an amazing invention.