The Best Coffee in America - Why We Pride Ourselves on Being America's Heart of Coffee

We like to make bold statements. A big claim requires a big effort to back it up. 

Most coffee roasters are not in the business of making good coffee. They are in the business of market domination. Coffee is just the tool in their hand to get you to spend money on a brand.

We, at Coffeyville Coffee Co., are in the business of converting you to the highest quality coffee you've ever tasted. So, taste and see. Even down to our branding, we want you to know the high standards we strive for, and where our vision fits into your world.

To us, your energy and wakefulness is not just dependent on a caffeine level. Your energy depends on the experience of your morning routine: the experience of that first cup of coffee sending a signal to your body. If you drink bad coffee everyday just because your tied to a brand, what are you telling yourself each morning?

Conversely, we want you to know about the high level of care we put into every bag of coffee. We think you can taste it. We think it has a real impact on your day and on your energy.

How can we achieve much higher quality coffee than other roasting companies? The 2 biggest factors are green coffee selection and roasting methodology. 

When selecting green coffee, it is easy to find old coffee that has been poorly sorted, poorly processed, and poorly stored for years exposed to air and light. These green coffees are very cheap to acquire. But they lack all of the qualities that make coffee great. 

When we select green coffee, we source from farms that are known to produce excellent coffee beans. They are then shipped in tinted airtight bags to protect them from moisture loss and degradation. Choosing not to skimp on green bean quality sets us apart.

Roasting as a technical art is constantly innovating, producing new strategies, and incorporating science from other food prep disciplines. We keep on the cutting edge, with a conservative eye to improvement. If your still drinking coffee roasted the way they did 60 years ago, your morning routine is suffering.

Here's a brief summary of roasting: it is about heat across time. We use heat to produce the necessary momentum in each bean variety to develop chemical reactions that produce flavor. Then we guide the timing of that heat application through various stages of roasting to coax that flavor out maximally.

Many big name roasters apply methods meant less to maximalize flavor, and more to maximalize the amount of addictive corn syrup you need to drink it. Or maximalize the amount of uniformity across different qualities of green coffee beans. These methods are indicators of the goal of those roasters: to sacrifice quality for marketing plays.

We hope you get the chance to taste coffee roasted to our standards. We hope you feel a difference in your day. We hope it gives you an energy you can't find anywhere else. It does to us.