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American Craft Standard

We are inspired by the rich history of our humble Midwestern town, written
by the extraordinary people who make it home. We want to revive our culture and
retell our story — one of purpose, optimism, and community.

Each cup contains perfectly roasted & expertly blended coffee. We are here to bring people together over a memorable cup of coffee — to inspire and empower people and communities towards a greater vision.

More About Us

"Smoothest Coffee I've Ever Had"

"I cannot go back to other brews of coffee after trying this"

Rachel V.

"Five Stars!"

"I can't live without my morning cup of Coffeyville Coffee"

Anna B, Tulsa

"Don't hesitate. Try it."

"You can taste the difference with this coffee. Highly recommend."

Mallory F, San Diego

Why Small Batch?

We Love Our Community

With each bag of coffee purchased, you are joining us in investing in the restoration and revival of the extraordinary town of Coffeyville. With great appreciation, we welcome you to the Great Coffee Revival.

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