Knock Out Punch

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Medium Dark


Colombia, Brazil, & Ethiopia

Quality and Flavor:

Blended from 3 high-quality beans, each roasted to balance body and sweetness. A combination of flavors and roast levels to bring you the most flavor. Espresso machines, moka pots, and other styles of brewing require a lot of flavor from a little coffee. That's why we want to maximize every gram. All to make your morning that much better.

Our coffee is carefully handcrafted in small batches, with attention to the smallest details. That means every cup of Knock Out Punch will have the great taste you expect. Enjoy!


Story: Inspired by Coffeyviller Buster Douglas

Knocked out Mike Tyson to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Buster Douglas was introduced to boxing by his father at an early age. His athletic career included boxing, basketball, and football. Buster came to Coffeyville to play basketball for the CCC Ravens, where he starred as a 6' tall power forward. He was admitted to CCC's Hall of Fame.

Following his collegiate experience, he returned to boxing and won a series of fights, leading to a fight for the IBF (International Boxing Federation) Championship. 

After losing in 10 rounds, Buster reformed his team and won 6 fights in a row to get a chance to fight Mike Tyson for the title of undisputed heavyweight champion. He was the certain underdog, given 42-1 odds. Most casinos would not even allow bets, as a Tyson win was assumed. 

Buster implemented a strategy perfectly designed to neutralize Tyson. He used his superior reach to land jabs all night, and clinched Tyson to prevent him from moving inside to set up powerful blows. Eventually the jabs took a toll and allowed Buster to land more devastating blows. Tyson was never able to strategically respond, especially after it became clear that Buster would win on points unless there was a K.O.

Buster maintained his energy throughout the long fight, while Tyson eventually wore. Tyson had never needed to fight beyond 5 rounds, and Buster took him into the 10th round with energy to spare.  After a brutal combination that sent Tyson to the floor, the referee ended the fight and Buster Douglas was declared the undisputed heavyweight champion.

This coffee is meant to be as bold and powerful as Buster himself. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very good coffee.

I was given this coffee as a gift. Excellent coffee with a fantastic flavor.

So smooth and yet rich

This is excellent coffee. I don't normally like a darker roast, but this one is (med-dark) a great! So a smooth flavor. I never tire of it. Ordered over and over! Highly recommend.

Thanks for the 5 stars! Glad you like it!