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Select America's Heart of Coffee
For Your Craft Coffee Shop

The quality of your coffee is important to you. It's the number one reason why customers walk in the door. Not only do craft coffee drinks have great markup, but excellent coffee entices customers to check out what else is for sale. So when it comes to your coffee, you don't want to settle.

That's where we come in. We are the regional experts in coffee roasting. We use modern roasting techniques and equipment to produce popular flavor profiles. We also partner with the best importers to ensure the quality of our beans and the consistency of our roasts. 

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We work hard to fulfill our role as America's Heart of Coffee. Located fittingly in Coffeyville, KS, we have grown and expanded in 2 short years to supplying craft coffee shops with the highest quality coffee that customers love.

As an up-and-coming roastery, we'd love for you to be a part of our exciting growth and development.  We are offering competitive wholesale pricing and a unique cooperative packaging solution to benefit our great partners!

Reach out today to learn more and try our coffee!

Our unique cooperative packaging solution allows your branding to be highlighted on our packaging at no additional cost to you. While you always have the option to buy your own packaging,  black and white label packaging is an expensive add-on to your business. Our cooperative packaging allows you to have branded coffee packaging while saving you money and time.

Coupled with our unbeatably delicious coffee, wholesaling with us is a no-brainer for new and existing coffee shops.

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What we offer

Special Wholesale Pricing. The best prices you'll see anywhere on small-batch roasted coffee. 

Partners in Branding/Advertising. We want your branding to shine. Ask us about our cooperative packaging solution at no additional cost to you.

Find Your Perfect Coffee. We offer several blends and single-origin coffees at all roast levels, so you can find the exact flavor you want for your customers. You know your customers best. Whether you want a signature house blend, or lots of options for batch brews, we have what you are looking for. Sample our coffees today!

How Does It Work?

Simply contact us and tell us a little about your coffee shop. We will send you information on pricing and our different coffee options.

Let us know what coffees you'd like to try, and we will mail you samples. Choose your coffees, and send us an order. You will receive an invoice and we will ship your coffee straight to your shop. Partnering with us is easy!

Contact us to learn more, and become a Wholesale Partner with Coffeyville Coffee Co. - America's Heart of Coffee