Headliner (Medium Roast)

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Roast: Medium

Origins: Colombia & Ethiopia

Quality and Flavor:

Our coffee is carefully handcrafted in small batches, with attention to the smallest details. That means every cup of Headliner will have the great taste you expect. Enjoy!


Story: Inspired by Coffeyviller Mark Hamrick

Renowned Journalist and Former National Press Club President

No one knows "hot takes" quite like Mark Hamrick. From Dallas, to New York, Rome, Washington, London, and Paris, people look to this Coffeyville native for the latest economic news.

Mark got his start at Coffeyville's own KGGF radio station working all hours of the night and day to bring the latest news to Southeast Kansans. Needless to say, that first job was the origin of Mark's love of coffee. Since his humble beginnings in Coffeyville, Mark has been featured in print, on radio, and in television analyzing the latest market trends.

His career has taken him all over the world and brought him the honor of election as President of the National Press Club in Washington where he's worked for decades now. During his travels and busy schedule, Mark still stays focused with a strong cup of coffee. When in Rome, Mark says, the cappuccinos are to die for. But here in the states, Mark always turns to a taste of home. That's why he drinks Coffeyville coffee.

"Even though it has been years since I've lived in Kansas, my heart never left. That's why I'm loving this taste of Coffeyville coffee so much!"

Customer Reviews

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Excellent coffee. It has a rich flavor with no bitterness, and is very smooth. I have been enjoying it for years. Of course, great coffee comes from Coffeyville. ☕️

Lisa N.
Love this blend!

We have Headliner beans delivered regularly to our home! It's a perfect blend and we love waking up to Coffeyville Coffee every day! Many thanks for a great product.

You're an amazing customer and we appreciate you!


Delicious! Love it!

Steven Wood
Jordan & Kaylee approved

I was introduced to Coffeyville Coffee through a Nomadic Movement YouTube episode. As an avid follower of Jordan & Kaylee, I look forward to new discoveries based on their travels. After watching their visit with Coffeyville Coffee, it was an easy choice to order some coffee. I bought 2 bags for myself and 2 to give away. Brewed the Headliner this morning and was pleasantly surprised at its uniqueness over most good coffees. The first sip brought a well balanced fruity and floral flavor along with a smooth, mild dark chocolate undertone. Someone once told me that a true test of coffee is how it tastes after it has cooled considerably. I found the Headliner blend to almost taste better as it cooled. It's a wonderful blend! Looking forward to trying Space Monkey tomorrow!

Your review is one of our favorites as it reminds us of that super fun day when Jordan and Kaylee walked in to our shop! What a blast to get to be a part of their journey. We appreciate so much that you have given us 5 stars and are enjoying your purchase. Truly honored. Come back soon!

Beth ann Webb

Coffeyville coffee is delicious and I look forward to my order every month