The Best K-Cup You've Ever Had

What makes our K-Cups so special?

First, we begin with our own perfectly roasted coffee. While Store-bought K-Cup brands use inferior quality coffee for their K-Cup lines, roasted poorly and often smoothed over with flavor additives, we are different. You get the same perfectly roasted coffee that we sell in our traditional coffee bags. 

The unique of blend of coffee is suited specifically to a concentrated coffee brewing process. A single K-Cup holds a small amount of coffee, yet needs to brew a big robust cup. For this purpose, we crafted a blend of 3 different Single-Origin coffees, to provide the most flavor, complexity, and body of any K-Cup on the market today. Each of the 3 coffees is roasted to a different level of light or dark, to further promote this blend of flavors.

Finally, most K-Cup brands are more concerned with volume and ease of machine-packaging processes to care about the extraction levels of K-Cup coffee machines. This means that most brands grind their coffee either too fine or too coarse to achieve perfect extraction of flavor from a K-Cup machine. We take pride in our coffee, no matter the form it comes in. The amount of coffee provided in each K-Cup, and the level of grind, is tested to ensure that it is the most coffee you could get, and the best grind you could get, to extract the maximum amount of flavor. We wanted to give you something that we would happily drink ourselves. And we do.

If you are searching for a craft and artisanal K-Cup coffee, worthy of the most discerning taste, here it is.