Brewed Awakening (Dark Roast)

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Roast: Dark

Quality and Flavor:

Our coffee is carefully handcrafted in small batches, with attention to the smallest details. That means every cup of Brewed Awakening will have the great taste you expect. Enjoy!


Story: Inspired by Coffeyviller Donnie Miller

Blues Legend and Host of Music City's Longest-Running Blues Jam

The Donnie Miller band "Rude Awakening" is well-known for hosting Nashville's longest-running blues jam, which has provided Donnie the opportunity to give back to the music that fills his soul. But his roots remain in Coffeyville, a place with a storied history of mavericks and outlaws.

After leaving home and playing more than 200 dates a year as a rock musician over 10 years, Donnie signed an 8-album deal with CBS records in 1987. His first album, "One of the Boys," was released in 1990 to critical acclaim and featured Cyndi Lauper and Tommy Shaw making guest appearances.

Donnie was sidelined in 1992 by a devastating hand injury. He began playing blues guitar as a way to regain function of his hand, and fell in love with the genre. He credits playing the blues as saving both his life and his career.

A personal highlight for Donnie came in 2020 when he was inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. After all the ups and downs of a lifetime in the music business, he still says, "I have been so lucky and blessed to have everything happen to me just at the time it needed to. Yes, I believe in miracles—I'm a 45-year-old overnight success!"

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Porter
Brewed Awakenings

Excellent coffee! Dark roast, bold and rich, but a bit of brightness too. Zero bitterness.
It’s as tasty as a Donnie Miller guitar solo!

Thanks for the positive review! We love that you find it to be excellent with no bitterness! Tasty as a Donnie Miller guitar solo! :)

Tiffany Patton
Best coffee EVER!!

We were gifted this coffee originally and I am the coffee drinker. My husband ended up loving it as well and now drinks it when he’s home too. We even gifted multiple bags to friends and family at Christmas.

Wow! Thank you for giving us the honor of being part of your Christmas gift giving! That means the world to us! The ultimate compliment!

Dell Marie Shanahan Swearer
Great holiday gift!

I gave this coffee to my coffee loving friends and they thought it was fantastic! I’m so glad to be able to support and promote this company in my hometown founded by my long-time friend, Ron Bryce and his wife.

Dell Marie, We are so honored to have been a part of your Christmas giving! Thank you so much for supporting our business and being a friend to Coffeyville Coffee!

Robert York
My Favorite

The Brewed Awakening is a full flavored coffee. It is rich in taste with no lingering aftertaste. I have tried the light and medium roast as well. They all have a smooth, delicious flavor. I highly recommend all three products.

Thank you for the review! We love that you are enjoying our coffee!

Brion Leftwich
Obscenely Delicious!!!

Yes, that’s the way I describe this coffee to people! Smooth, creamy, and such rich flavor. A teaspoonful of local honey, (Spring Hill, KS. Heartland Honey), and sometimes a teaspoonful of heavy cream. Sometimes black, sometimes organic cane sugar. It’s fabulous!!! I’ll be ordering it as Christmas gifts.

Thank you Brian! We are thrilled that you love it!