About Coffeyville Coffee

The Midwest's Heart of Coffee

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Our story begins in Coffeyville, Kansas.

The story of Coffeyville is one of great optimism, purpose, the bond of community. A collective vision turned the humble, Midwestern town of Coffeyville into one of rich history written by extraordinary people. Coffeyville Coffee Company was inspired by that legacy.

The people of Coffeyville have always had a unique way of doing things. Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart. At Coffeyville Coffee, we live by that. We are not just working to make great coffee. We are here to be America's Heart of Coffee. 

That means that we want to be the first choice when you think of American craft coffee. We want to people to feel the love from the Midwest in every cup. Just as Coffeyville once helped build American cities, brick by brick, we are doing our part in fueling, awakening, and reviving America every morning.

Investing in the future by celebrating the past.

Each Signature Blend celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of noteworthy Coffeyvillers. Our hope is that, like us, you too will be inspired by their stories. That each time you pour a cup of Coffeyville Coffee, you will connect with community, start that dream business, or move forward on a collective vision for a better future.

Because behind each new business idea, new meeting with old friends, or simply each new day is the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee is, for us, about community and building something bigger than yourself.

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Expertly roasted, small-batch coffee.

We source beans of the highest quality and perfectly roast them in small batches, to craft a memorable cup of coffee — to inspire people and bring them together, to provide clarity in a cup, and to empower people and communities towards a greater vision.

We promise you flavor, sweetness, and body. Our single-origins promote clarity and exploration. Our house blends promote complexity and depth. We don't follow fads. Instead, we roast beans to the best of their potential, and blend to perfection. Never bitter, never sour, always rich and tasty.

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High Quality Beans

We source the highest quality beans from around the world, ensuring that each cup meets the highest standards of excellence.

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Always Small Batch

Each batch is thoughtfully blended and patiently roasted, ensuring quality and consistency in each bag.

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Celebrating the Past

Each Signature Blend honors extraordinary Coffeyvillers and their contributions to our past, present, and our future.

Investing in Coffeyville

For us, the connection between coffee and community goes beyond the bag that arrives on your doorstep. We are using coffee to reinvest back into the community it came from, Coffeyville.