Space Monkey

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Medium Light


Mexico & Ethiopia

Quality and Flavor:

This coffee is a blend of two single origins: Chiapas Mexico, and Yirgacheffe Ethiopia. Each is roasted to flavorful perfection, meant to highlight each's regional qualities and avoid the common flavors of darker roasts. 

Our coffee is carefully handcrafted in small batches, with attention to the smallest details. That means every cup of Space Monkey will have the great taste you expect. Enjoy!


Story: Inspired by Miss Able of Independence

First Surviving U.S. Monkey in Space. 


Miss Able was born in Independence, KS at Ralph Mitchell Zoo inside of Monkey Island.

The zoo's Monkey Island was built as part of the U.S. Government's WPA work program to help create jobs during the Great Depression. Miss Able was selected for the flight because of her disposition and health, based on a series of tests.

As the Soviet Union had already successfully sent and returned mammals alive from space, the pressure was on for the U.S. to meet and exceed this feat by sending primates and returning them alive.

Miss Able left Earth on board the Jupiter AM-18, went into space, and returned into the Atlantic Ocean, near Puerto Rico. The total flight was 16 minutes, and included 9 minutes of weightlessness.

For Able's bravery and adventurousness, we celebrate her with our coffee Space Monkey.

Customer Reviews

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Faith Gleyze
Love this coffee!

I’ve enjoyed the “Space Monkey” coffee blend from Coffeyville Coffee Company! I love this blend! I definitely recommend if you are wondering if you should try!

Thank you for the 5 star review! WE appreciate you!

James Criswell
Space Monkey

This roast is one of our favorite Coffeyville Coffees! Very flavorful, full of true coffee taste and of course, smells great! Highly recommend this blend.

Dr. David Wiggins
Have a Cup of Coffeyville!

It's the fine details that Coffeyville Coffee Company cares about. Family owned and operated.


If you have not tried this coffee yet you are missing out, to say the least. I have tried so many different types of coffees and could never find something for me. Until this! Space Monkey is the perfect coffee for me and I will not go without it, lol. Its not a dark, strong coffee, its just perfect with its perfect blend of flavors. My house smells like a Starbucks when I brew it.